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Tired Of Struggling With Anxiety?

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Online Coaching with Nadya Tahri

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Certified Life & Health Coach

Certified Life and Health Coach

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My name is Nadya. I am a mom of 4, my youngest 2 having special needs. They can’t walk, talk or feed themselves. They have a g-tube for feedings. So I know first hand the many challenges that you face as a parent who has a child with special needs. Tons of doctors appointments and therapy appointments...believe me when I say, I totally get it! That is why I am so passionate about helping you….because I wish there was someone who I could have asked for help, who actually had a clue as to what I was going through. Yes, there are tons of life coaches out there, but not many life coaches who actually have not one, but two kids with special needs who can actually relate to what a day in your shoes is like.


What I Specialize In

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Personal Self Care & Wellness 

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Establishing Sustainable Routines

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Overcoming Anxiety 

Direct Resources & Caregiving Support 

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Personalized Sleep Methods & Strategies

Mother and Son

Even the strongest among us need help sometimes. 

“Nadya was very attentive to what I was sharing with her. She has a very inviting spirit about her. I didn't feel like I was being judged. This allowed me to be free and open up to how I was truly feeling about the topic we discussed."

- Sheena M.

"Nadya is kind, patient, knowledgeable with tons of resources.  We worked together for a few weeks and she was very supportive and helpful while I worked through some intense times in my life.  Communication with Nadya was like speaking with a dear friend.  I would highly recommend her!"

- Jacqueline P

Nadya is a wonderful coach. She is very intuitive, and made me feel incredibly comfortable. She has a way of really helping you to get to the root of what is going on for you, and supporting you as you work through things. The entire process was natural, gentle, and transformative. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

- Genevieve H

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